A Night of REVENGE!!!! 3/12 at The Lilypad- SOLD OUT!!!

March 12, 2022
The Lilypad,  Cambridge MA
Advanced tickets suggested.
$20 (It's a 10 piece band! Sheesh!)

Lindsey Buck and THE REVENGE is a soulful mess of original music performed by some of the best musicians of the Boston Area.   

A few years ago, Lindsey Buck got the bug and starting writing ditties. After she got done with the first one hundred and seventeen of them, she thought she must be on to something. TJ, (from the ill-famed TJ and the Revenge), woke up from a sidewalk nap hearing one of those beauties spilling out of a speak-easy on hard-luck street, and thought "you know what this song needs...Tuba and Pedal Steel Guitar. And I know just the right folk...."   

This is the inaugural show of Lindsey Buck and THE REVENGE featuring...   
Lindsey Buck: Vocals & Composition   
Milena Casado: Trumpet   
Eric Stilwell: Trombone   
Josiah Reibstein: Tuba   
Peri DeLorenzo: Violin   
Mark Dobbyn: Pedal Steel and Guitar
Elan Mehler: Piano   
Max Ridley: Bass   
Dor Herskovits: Drums   
Max Goldman: Drums    

TJ and the Revenge is the inaugural release of Little Lost Records Featuring: Elan Mehler, Bill Frisell, Simon Willson and Dor Herskovits.  

The Lilypad is an award-winning music venue & event space located in Inman Square, Cambridge. Founded in 2005, The Lilypad is a community gathering place and Boston's home for avant-garde music and art. Serving craft beer, wine, hard cider and soft drinks!